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“Sitio carried out a design/build project for our new offices on the Rambla in Montevideo.

They had designed the building for our landlord, so we knew they could bring the same design quality to the interior fitout. Furthermore, they were able to carefully manage costs for all our subcontractors, keeping the project well within our original budget.

I would recommend them to any foreign company doing construction work in Uruguay.”

Larry Burnett
Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities

“In 2003 Sitio Arquitectura took part and was chosen among four prestigious architecture firms in a closed competition to design, build and deliver a turnkey project for a private medical clinic: Medicenter Punta Carretas.

Sitio Arquitectura widely fulfilled the owners’ and shareholders’ expectations by succeeding in bringing all the necessary features together, delivering the building on time and keeping within budget.

Apart from the professional aspects, we should highlight the human response and good disposition of this architects’ team all along the process. Such openness created a very enjoyable work environment to discuss our company’s proposals, suggestions and needs.”

CPA Raúl Cancela
Medicenter Punta Carretas

“In 2004 Estudio Marquez Villalba & Asociados hired Sitio Arquitectura to design and direct building works in order to refurbish our new offices in Ciudad Vieja.

Sitio Arquitectura paid careful attention to defining and clarifying our company’s needs and expectations, delivering a final product that was beyond them. From the building work design to its management, everything was done bearing costs in mind and trying to achieve a high-level product.

Since then, we have been working with Sitio Arquitectura in other projects as we have found in them experienced professionals with great dedication to customer satisfaction.”

CPA Eduardo Márquez Villalba
Estudio Márquez Villalba & Asociados

“From the beginning we’ve found in Sitio Arquitectura a quality that they’ve perfected and has turned out to be paramount for the success of our two endeavors’: they are great listeners. Through questions, queries and suggestions they’ve guided us along the process of defining the project.

They challenged us to think not just about building works but also about their future projection and functionality. After a thorough and careful consultation and definition process, they carried out two projects whose results were beyond our esthetic and functional expectations.

Last but not least, they fulfilled our ambitious objectives regarding the time and budget parameters we imposed them.”

Maria Blanco Pate
General Director
Alianza Cultural Uruguay – Estados Unidos

“Roemmers has worked with Sitio Arquitectura in some refurbishing jobs which meant carrying out preliminary projects, projects and building work direction. It is a creative, updated and agile architecture firm.

Their proposals show they listen to their clients, understand the functionality in different scenarios and also plan practical and esthetically pleasant solutions.

They are highly responsible professionals with great technical knowledge and excellent customer relationships. Their work goes beyond architecture as they get involved in the project, showing their technical expertise as well as their materials’ management and knowledge of those materials’ potential to achieve the best job and also customer satisfaction.

The company works with quality, every job is documented and deadlines and expenses are well estimated and fulfilled when building works are carried out.”

Grisel Ottonello, Pharmaceutical Chemist
Technical Direction
Roemmers S.A.

“Sitio Arquitectura and Estudio Cousillas were in charge of our hormonals plant’s Base Project located on Interbalnearia route, kmt 22. The work that Sitio Arquitectura and Estudio Cousillas carried out satisfied Urufarma S.A.”

Fernando Moreira, MA
General Manager
Urufarma S.A.

“Empecé trabajando con Sitio en un proyecto que requería soluciones rápidas a problemas complejos, entre ellos no solamente los típicos de cualquier obra como ser tiempos y presupuesto sino también cumplir con altos estándares farmacéuticos tales como las buenas prácticas (GMP) en una industria nueva con nulos antecedentes de donde poder estudiar distintos casos o soluciones y poder aplicarlas.

El resultado fue excelente con la planta funcionando en tiempo récord con la habilitación del Ministerio de Salud.

A partir de esa obra volvimos a contratarlos varias veces y en cada ocasión me encontré con profesionales comprometidos con los cuales es un gusto trabajar, que tienen paciencia para entender los problemas del cliente y creatividad en brindar soluciones viables considerando los plazos y el presupuesto.”

Arq. Javier Jarak
Chief Project Management Officer
Fotmer Life Science Uruguay

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